Manuscript Submission

WordPower Publishing Kenya is an independent publisher offering self-publishing services to emerging Christian authors. We help authors prepare their manuscripts for self-publishing on eBook stores like Amazon Kindle, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble among other stores, libraries and subscription sites.

We accept unsolicited manuscripts in the Christian faith and which are based on the Word of God (Bible). We don’t publish denominational doctrine. We publish eBooks with a unique message that solves a particular problem or provides unique insights. We publish non-fiction, text only manuscripts. We don’t publish fiction, poetry, autobiographies, academic or children’s books.

We only accept original manuscripts. We run all manuscripts through a plagiarism checking software to certify originality.

Manuscript Review

You can submit your entire manuscript or the first two chapters (plus list of chapters) for review. We only provide publishing quotes for complete manuscript submissions. Manuscript review is not to be confused with manuscript critique. The purpose of the review is to check whether the manuscript is aligned with our vision and publishing guidelines. We offer Manuscript Critique as a separate service from the publishing process.

Manuscript Formatting

Submit a well formatted manuscript typed in Times New Romans (or other classic font) with a font size of 12 pt with single spacing. Send the manuscript as an MS Word(.docx) file. Hard copies sent to our mailing address will be discarded. Provide additional information as listed in the manuscript submission template. This includes the title, subtitle, author, category, audience, synopsis, author contact, etc. Please read our publishing guidelines for detailed instructions on how to format your manuscript. Retain a copy of your manuscript as a safeguard against loss.

Manuscript Acceptance or Rejection

We will acknowledge receipt of your manuscript submission immediately. If the manuscript is accepted, the author will be contacted within two weeks to sign a publishing agreement and provided with a publishing quote. If rejected, the author will be notified. We do not guarantee that we will publish every manuscript. WordPower Publishing Kenya transacts all its business online and does not operate from a physical office.

All accepted manuscripts will be edited. Please submit a manuscript that is ready to publish. We will copy edit and proofread to polish it for publication.

If you have a query, email us at or complete the submissions query form below.

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