Hi, I’m Josephine Ngatia an Author and Christian Writer and the Founder of WordPower Publishing Kenya. I help new Christian authors self-publish eBooks. As a published author of three eBooks, Life Purpose: A Beginner’s Guide, Demystifying the Grey Kingdom and Maiden Book, I understand the self-publishing process. I use this knowledge to show new authors the way out of their publishing dilemma.  

There are new authors whom God has given a message to publish but have parked their manuscripts in their computers and bookshelves at home. They can’t afford the cost of self-publishing a print book nor do they have the profile that traditional publishers want in an author. Maybe you’re one. What is the solution? Self-publish an eBook!

An eBook is better than no book!

An eBook is a great way for a new author to develop their author platform as they consider publishing a print book. The cost of self-publishing and selling a print book is high and out of reach to many new authors. Another setback is that brick and mortar bookstores prefer working with publishers and not individual authors. Without a platform to sell print books, an author will struggle to sell the Proverbial 1000 copies from their house.

WordPower Publishing Kenya


To publish content that is biblically sound and Christ centered


To empower new Christian authors to share their God-given message with the world

WordPower Publishing Kenya (WPKE) is a virtual business offering self-publishing services. It has the mandate to help new Christian authors publish their manuscripts and share their God-given message with the world. As a virtual business, WPKE does its transactions online. It does not run from a physical location.

WordPower Publishing Kenya is built on the foundation of the Written Word of God (Bible) and the Writer’s word. The power in the Word of God lies in this truth: it will do everything that God sent it to (Isaiah 55:10-11).

The written message of God will bring transformation to those who read it. The written word has power to touch the physically unreachable, build transformational programs and be a reference point for generations to come.

WPKE publishes content aimed at strengthening the Body of Christ and sharing the gospel with the world. It gives new Christian authors an affordable way to publish their manuscripts without compromising on quality.

WPKE works with new authors who do not have an author platform by offering them self-publishing services.